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Folloyu is a cross-device continuity platform for online businesses, that allows their consumers to seamlessly switch devices while in the middle of an activity, and resume from the exact spot they left off.

The solution we've developed is used by websites to reduce their abandonment rates, thus increasing successful conversions.



Folloyu presented at The Next Web startup rally event, April 2012.



As a website owner, you struggle to bring traffic to your website, and invest major efforts to keep the visitors engaged in whatever your website is offering: purchasing, playing, watching movies, etc.

In order to increase their on-site time and improve the chances that you'll benefit from their visit, we've developed a unique, patent pending technology that enables your users to easily and seamlessly resume their activity on another device from the same spot, while maintaining their session and activity. 


So why not increase your business performance by increasing your website's cross device stickiness? 

How many times have you encountered a situation in which you are in the middle of something, and just then, something happens that requires you to move to another location? 

You want to continue what you've been doing, but you also need to switch your location. So, what's to be done?

Save time and inconvenience, try Folloyu.

If you'd like to write about us, please contact us at [email protected].

You can also download the Folloyu press kit


GEW 2012 Startup Open: Folloyu – one of the top 5 world's most promising new companies


Folloyu – A Seamless Transition From Web to Mobile

Folloyu is an innovative application that business owners and publishers can use to increase conversions on their mobile sites.

Folloyu will facilitate the continuation of a purchase on any platform.

35 Israeli startups — making virtual SIM cards, emotion-sensing bracelets

and more.

Folloyu uses QR Codes to address online content abandonment


 Folloyu is a new platform that makes it incredibly easy for people who visit your site to browse it when they have to switch devices.

Folloyu: Let Your Site Visitors Resume Browsing From Multiple Platforms



Folloyu uses QR codes to take your browsing experience from desktop to mobile

in seconds

If you are in the business helping other websites to become better: hosting, website building platforms, eCommerce website platforms, etc., Folloyu can be a great addition to the set of tools that you offer your customers.

  • Helps them to increase their conversion rates
  • Provides additional analytics and information about consumers' mobile habits
  • Folloyu is inheritably viral
  • Makes their website easily accessible to/from mobile devices
  • It's a cloud based service and super easy to implement


If you want to hear more about Folloyu value proposition for your business, contact us at: [email protected]


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