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The Folloyu tab is a widget positioned on website pages. When clicked, it displays several options from which the user can choose in order to send their session to another device. The transfer methods that are currently available are: push notification, email and Quick Response (QR) code.

The Folloyu tab is fully customizable from the perspective of colors and functionality, from within the customer’s dashboard.



There are three ways to implement Folloyu technology:


1. Use the JavaScript code in the implementation section that is on your customer dashboard. Please refer to this video for further information on the procedure.


2. Install Folloyu tab using one of the CMS plugins available in our downloads area.


3. Use our API to ntegrate Folloyu's "cross device continuity" capabilities in your web-app, game, video etc. 


For more information about our plans and packages please refer to the Plans page .

Visitors to your website simply click the Switch Device button. They are then offered three options to transfer their session using Folloyu:



  • Enter email address:  The visitor can send themselves the session via email by entering their email address

  • QR code scanning:  The visitor can scan a QR code that appears, and get the session immediately on the mobile device. 

  • Push notification: visitor that used Folloyu app, or an app that supports the Folloyu API, for scanning the QR code once, can easily transfer the session by sending it through a push notification mechanism

Click here to download an Android or iPhone app for QR scanning and push notification option.



Learn more about your visitors’ mobile habits

After creating an account and installing the widget on your website, you can view Folloyu usage in the customer dashboard panel.

Know which operating systems were used and which devices

Know which pages in your website were viewed on more than one device.

Customize and adjust the Folloyu tab, and make it an integral part of your website.


Folloyu is very serious about protecting consumer privacy. Folloyu guarantees that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including email addresses and phone numbers, will ever be used for tracking purposes.

Folloyu does not collect users’ personal information.  Only anonymous session data is temporarily stored until retrieved by the user, or deleted when timed out.

Our servers are SSL certified and the transfers are fully secured.


Publishers - Increase Exposure Time

Transferring the URL and users' ID to the next device, increasing time spent on a site and exposure to website contents.

 Contact us for more details


eCommerce - Increase Conversions

Transferring user ID and shopping cart content to increase chances of a buy, and reducing shopping cart abandonment. 

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Streaming Video -  Increase Content Consumption

Transfer of the exact time where the user stopped viewing the site.  Check out this [Video demo].

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Game Developers - Increase Players Playing Time

Score, location, time and other game parameters are transferred by users to reduce game inconsistencies. [Games demos: HTML5 / FLASH]

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Advertising - Cross Device Retargeting

By transferring all the cookies from one device to another, Folloyu enables cross device re-targeting for ad-networks and advertising agencies.

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What kind of sessions can be transferred by Folloyu?

Folloyu supports the transfer of various session types: as simple as a URL and as complicated as a middle of a game (with all of its state parameters).

What kind of user interfaces does Folloyu support?

For website owners, Folloyu currently supports a Javascript TAB (default form) and an API. For end users, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser extensions.

Will it work on any device or operating system?

Folloyu is platform agnostic: any web-enabled device can use Folloyu.

Can I install a Folloyu tab in more than one website?

Yes you can. Each website will have its own unique tab and a set of reports.

How complicated is it to install?

It takes 5 min to install the default Folloyu tab: a simple copy paste procedure for your website administrator to make.

What happens when there is a mobile version of the website, on different host?

In order for your users to see Folloyu tab on the mobile version, you'll need to integrate the same Javascript you used for the regular page, in your mobile version of the site, as well.

Why am I not getting my session in the email I put in the "send" box?

Please check your spam folder.

Which CMS plugins do you support?

Currently, we support Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Blogger CMS.

Will Folloyu impact site performance?

Absolutely not. Our technology is completely non-blocking and will not impact site performance.

Is Folloyu safe?

Folloyu system is SSL certified and all transfers are encrypted. In addition there are some other security measures that can be enabled per request, e.g.; session timeouts and limiting the number of transfers per session.